Questionnaire for Grown Unschoolers

There are a handful of interviews with grown unschoolers to be found online, but in my mind, not enough.  So I've decided to have a permanent (as in, the link to it will live on the sidebar) grown unschoolers questionnaire on my blog, that I'm going to invite any and all grown unschoolers to fill out!  If I get filled out questionnaires regularly, they will be posted regularly on this blog.  If I get them occasionally, they will be posted occasionally.  Point being, there will (unless no one at all is interested) be a series of interviews with grown unschoolers coming up.

So, are you a grown unschooler (I'm going to say 17 and up.  Younger unschoolers have just as wonderful things to say, but I'd like this particular series of interviews to focus on older unschoolers)?  Would you mind answering a few questions?  Well, here are said questions!  This is NOT an all or nothing deal: feel free to ignore some questions if they don't apply, or if you're simply not interested in answering.  All I ask is that you please answer all three of The Basics questions, and at least five questions beyond that.

The Basics
  1. When did you become an unschooler?
  2. How long have you unschooled/did you unschool?
  3. How old are you now?
  4. Do you have any siblings?  If so, did they/do they unschool as well?
The Decision to Unschool
  1. If your parents chose unschooling, do you know how/why they made that decision?
  2. If you chose to leave school, can you talk a bit about what led to that decision, and how the actual process of leaving went (how did your parents, friends, teachers, etc. react?  What were the challenges you faced, and how did you overcome them?).
The Best and Worst
  1. What do you think the best thing about unschooling is?
  2. What do you think the worst (or most difficult) thing about unschooling is?
Beyond High School
  1. Did you decide to go/are you going to college or university?  If so, could you talk a bit about that experience?
  2. Did you decide not to go to college or university?  If so, could you talk a bit about that experience, and what (if anything) you decided to do differently instead of college?
Money Earning and Work
  1. Are you currently earning money in any way?
  2. What jobs/ways of earning money do you, and have you, had?
  3. Have you found work that's fulfilling and enjoyable?
  4. Have you found that unschooling has had an impact on how hard or easy it is to get jobs or earn money?
  5. Do you feel that unschooling has had an impact on what methods of earning money or jobs you're drawn to?
  1. What impact do you feel unschooling has had on your life?
  2. If you could go back in time, is there anything about your learning/educational journey that you'd change?
  3. If you have children, are they unschooled?  Alternately, if you were to have children, would you choose to unschool them?
  1. What advice would you give to teens looking to leave high school?
  2. What advice would you give to someone looking to skip, or to drop out of, college or university?
  3. What advice would you give to unschooling parents (or parents looking into unschooling)?
Is there anything else you'd like to talk about or add?

Remember, I'm not asking you to answer every single question (unless of course you want to).  If you decide to fill it out, please email it to me at  I'll edit for basic spelling and grammar mistakes, but nothing beyond that.  I'd also ask that you please specify what name you'd like to be used when the interview is posted (first and last, just first, nickname, pseudonym, whatever).  It would also be great if you could include both a bio (including website/blog, if applicable), and between 1-5 photos (you doing cool stuff, just a portrait, whatever).  Please also feel free to share this widely.  I feel like this could be a great resource, and I want to thank everyone in advance for your participation and/or support!

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